NAMSS 46th Educational Conference & Exhibition

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Non-Member Full Conference - $869
Non-Member One Day (Monday) - $410
Non-Member One Day (Tuesday) - $410
Non-Member One Day (Wednesday) - $410
Group Registration* - $651.75
Bundle: Full Conference ($709) + Active Membership ($195) - $904
Non-Member Virtual Conference - $549

* Group Registration (in-person only) offers 25% off the cost of each registration for groups of three or more individuals from the same organization attending in-person. At least three members of the group must be registered together initially to receive the group registration discount. Additional registrants (above the minimum of three) can be added during or at anytime after the initial group registration has been processed. NAMSS staff will audit group registrations to ensure attendees are from the same organization. If you registered using a group discount that is not applicable to you, you will be re-registered at the appropriate rate and invoiced for the difference in cost.

Disclaimer: if you register as a non-member and subsequently purchase membership you will not be eligible for a refund of the difference in price.

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