NAMSS 44th Virtual Educational Conference & Exhibition

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Based on the email address provided, our records indicate that you are not currently a member of NAMSS. Receive the benefits of membership and our lowest conference registration fees by joining NAMSS!

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Non-Member Full Conference - $929
Group Registration* - $695
Furloughed/Unemployed** - $300

* Group Registration offers approximately 25% off the cost of each registration for groups of two or more individuals from the same organization. NAMSS staff will be auditing group registration to ensure attendees are from the same organization. If you registered using a group discount that is not applicable to you, you will be re-registered at the prevailing appropriate rate and invoiced for the difference in cost.

** The Furloughed/Unemployed rate is only available for conference attendees who have been furloughed or had their position eliminated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Documentation will be required of all attendees attempting to secure this rate during the registration process. Documentation includes confirmation of your employment status from your employer on company letterhead. The furloughed/unemployment rate is only for those who qualify based on the criteria above.

Disclaimer: if you register as a non-member and subsequently purchase membership you will not be eligible for a refund of the difference in price.

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